What Do Parrots Eat ?

Do you love to pet any kinds of birds? Well, you may be familiar with Parrots. However, this kind of bird is typically famous as many other pets adopted by human such as cats, dogs, or even fish.

There live about 14 million birds in the U.S. and the high population comes from family of Parrots. Today, parrots become popular as pets, but there are still many bird lovers do not even know about what do parrots eat actually.

Raising parrots can be something hard to resist. They are granted with outstanding colors, funny characteristics, and unique personalities.

However, people are attracted to pet these birds as they have spectacular beauty with great intelligence and talking potential. Moreover, they also have long life span, so anyone has no to worry to make this bird as their pet or the household companions.

How To Make Healthy Parrot Food

What Do Parrots Eat

what do parrots eat

When it comes to caring Parrots, the essential thing you have to clearly consider is about their foods and diets. Parrots love to eat anything as they’re a social eater while sharing meal with human is the thing they love to do.

But sometimes it’s going to be a problem while Parrots eat any human food but actually that’s really bad for them. Thus, it’s important to know what kind of foods parrots eat as pets.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

After you’re learning about how to care Parrots, now let’s find out the answer about what actually those birds love to eat. When you’re looking for the food and supplements for your parrots, there are always fruits and vegetables put on the first list.

These kinds of foods are the main staple you need to provide for your Parrots. Make sure you have provided and served any items especially oranges in fresh condition.

When it comes to detail, you may ask what kind of fruits and vegetables every Parrots love to eat.

As there are lots of fruits available, the answer may come to several common items such as banana, apples, mangoes, kiwis, nectarines, papayas, or even peaches. If you try to pet Parrots, it may not seem that difficult as their foods are literally easy to find.

So, why should it come to fruit and vegetables? It’s because those items are considered as vital things that can provide natural sugars for metabolism and brain of the Parrots.

As the Parrots are mostly understandable for its activeness and talking ability, they need fresh fruits in large amounts to keep their body energized. As important as fruits, vegetables are considered as the most nutritious foods as well.

2. Grains, Legumes, and Beans

Another item beside fruits and vegetables that many owners use to feed the Parrots are grains, legumes, and beans. Any items mentioned above are considerably consists of fiber, so it will be really useful for bird’s health, especially Parrots. Those groups of foods can be founded in any common things such as oats, brown rice, or even quinoa.

Beside grains, beans and legumes are also essential items need to provide to your Parrots. It’s because these two items are rich with protein so it will help your pets grow fast. Not only voice, Parrots should be treated well especially on feather and muscle.

What make legumes and beans truly suggested is because those items are affordably easy to get due to almost all the shops providing beans and legumes.

3. Meat

Raising healthy Parrots means you need to provide them protein by feeding your pets with meats. Not like many other option you can give to your bird, feeding Parrots with meat should do sparingly which range from two to three times per month.

Things you need to know that feeding birds with lots of protein seems not that healthy and good, so instead of buying expensive meat, just try to give your Parrots with worms.

If you consider milk, cheeses, or yogurts as your feeding option, just remember that some of birds may not be able to digest those kinds of items. It’s because they have no proper enzyme to do it, especially parrots.

The dairy you give to your birds also need to be well concerned as it may not be that healthy for the Parrots. Some dairy may lead to increase of the cholesterol as it consists of high fat and hormones.

4. Pellets and Commercial Diets

You can consider pellets or other commercial diet as your feeding option for Parrots. Mostly owners begin to consider any pellets as their option for feeding their pet because it’s affordable to get.

But make sure you are limiting doses of any pellets or commercial foods you give to Parrots. Though it’s easy to get pellets from any shops, some people may say that Pellets are not healthy enough for pets.

5. Nuts

Have you been wondering what do parrots eat in the wild? The answer may come to any kind of nuts. Nuts are one of many feeding options you should put on the first list. It’s because any kind of nuts are considerably healthy, especially when it’s given to your companion bird.

If you try to find kind of nuts with high nutritious that can’t be featured in other nuts, you should begin to consider the Walnut.

Nuts commonly taste so delicious which can make many birds including Parrots love to eat this. Not only giving your companion birds with healthy food, feeding them with Nuts also train them to do exercise as birds do in the nature.

When you give them bunches of nuts, they will try to pry what you have given one by one until it’s opened. You have to know that peanuts can also be put on refrigerator to keep it fresh.

6. Seeds

Group of birds such as parrots and parakeets loves to eat any kind of seeds. When you’re looking for food packed with nutrients including calcium, fat, and vitamin A, you need to consider seeds as your feeding option.

Many birds would rather to choose seed as it looks tastier than other feeding options. Seeds can reduce nutritional balance on avian diets, so why don’t you give any dates to your Parrots?

Anyway, if human loves to eat junk-food, the birds especially parrots love to eat seeds. Seeds are like a junk-food for any birds, so it will be really lovable for them.

However, even though it can make your companion birds feel happy, you need to know when it needs to stop feeding your pets any seeds as it’s considered as unhealthy foods. Seeds for mostly the diet of parrots only make up about 10 percent.

7. Formulated Diets

Formulated diets are created by any companies due to lack of nutrition happens to several companion birds since past few years. It’s made from various items such as vegetables, seeds, fruits, and grains mixed with minerals and vitamins. All those items furthermore processed into the something commonly known as a pellet.

As they become so confused, some people which are newbie in caring Parrots may ask, what do parrots eat? All of them then decide to take formulated diets as a feeding option.

But facts tell that not all many birds especially carrots are ready to eat pallets. So you need to understand when it needs to provide formulated diets for your birds. However, it’s good to just make pallet as the base diet for birds.

8. Other Foods

There are some other foods that any birds may not find in the rainforest as their natural habit. It may seem little weird to feed your Parrots with cooked eggs or well-cooked meat, but however it still can be accepted.

What more interesting is, not only feeding parrots with beans, seeds, or nuts, there are some owners decide to give them pasta, bread, or even snack and popcorn.

The most interesting fact you may just find while reading this articles is that mostly Parrots love to eat pasta, and it’s real. Your birds may need some energy by eating foods consist of carbohydrates, and it can be featured in pasta.

Beside pasta, there is bread also becomes popular as Parrots foods. It’s not over yet, facts also show that most of Parrots enjoy snacking on popcorn! What a bird!

What Parrots Can Not Eat

what do parrots eat

Up above we’ve explained you some common foods provided to Parrots. Now it’s also important to bring you facts that there are several items you should not give to your Parrots. Not only dangerous for your birds, some foods below also consist of potential toxicity that may possibly kill Parrots.

Anyway, it’s good to interacting and sharing meals with your companion birds, but you need to keep these foods away from your Parrots.

1. Avocado


Have ever imagined that this fruit may bring your Parrot into death? “Persin” contains in the avocado’s leaves can endanger your birds.

Chemically, “Persin” or substance shapes like fatty acid are formed to kill fungus live in the plant. Once birds consume it, it can be damaging heart and bird’s respiratory hard to running well. If it’s not overcome, it causes weakness over the birds and ends up with sudden death.

Though there still no study nor research which can explain how much substance of avocado can bring a bird into sudden death, it would be important for any owners keep avocado away from their birds. Not only avocado as a fruit, owners need also avoid any foods that contains of avocado essence such as guacamole.

2. Chocolate


Not only avocado, it’s forbidden for any birds consuming chocolate or foods containing of chocolate. As much as it can be that toxic for your companion birds, it’s should be given to your birds even in small amounts.

There is “Theobromine” and caffeine inside a bar of chocolate that can drive birds experience vomit and diarrhea. If this condition is not handled well by owners, it can lead birds to the death.

3. Caffeine


Don’t let your parrots drink anything contains of caffeine. Sometimes spending time with your beloved birds can be really exciting, but when you put coffee, tea, or soft drink around you, just keep them away from your companion birds.

It’s because caffeine can damaging birds’ heart as it stimulate arrhythmias and hyperactivity towards birds. If you want to share drinks with birds, just let them only consume water.

4. Fruit Pits and Apple Seeds

Fruit Pits and Apple Seeds

We all know that mostly fruits are safe for birds, but you have to know that fruit pits and apple seeds are things you need to keep away. Apple and pears consists seeds while cherries, peaches, grapes, plums, and berries have pits inside.

Thus, it’s important to avoid any pits and seeds from your beloved birds as much as it contains a cardiac-toxic cyanide compound, even it’s in small amounts.

5. Salt


Another items may not be concerned well and assume that it affects nothing to your pets is a salt. Some salty items founded around you such as chips, crackers, pretzels, or even popcorn.

Unfortunately, all those tasty items should be avoided from your Parrots. It’s because salt could lead dehydration, excessive thirst, upset the electrolyte, and even affecting kidney failure towards your companion birds.

How to Feed Parrots

1. Formulate your Parrots’ diet preparation

First important things need to consider while it comes to Parrots feeding is about preparing their diets. You can apply the method called “chop” in order to provide various fresh foods for your birds’ diet based on time-consuming and cost effectiveness.

Start with cook grains and legumes then chop some of vegetables or fruits such as lime. Finish the process with mix all items together using large container.

2. Twice a day is perfect time to feed your parrots

As first owners, you may face some question such as how often do parrots eat, so the correct answer is that you need give your parrot foods twice a day. However, the exact amount should be based on several factors including bird age, species, or even health condition.

Try to feed them some birdseed and fresh food such as fruits and vegetables in small amount. As we suggest, just do it in the morning and evening.

3. Train your parrot in foraging

In their natural habitat, parrots will love to spending time foraging in branches to look for any foods. In order to avoid them act lazy while eating foods, it’s good to encourage them to put efforts before they get the foods.

Not always branches, there is still option to use foraging toys in this process. Even you just raise parrots at home, it’s a must to create a realistic environment as they live in nature.

4. Avoid your parrots from obesity

Obesity can be significant issues any owners of parrots need to avoid, so it’s important to get to know how much do parrots eat exactly. Eating too much foods mean it leads them to obesity.

Parrots with obesity are risky to get fatty liver disease, so before it turns totally bad, you can still avoid this medical condition. Some species including Australian Parrots and Amazon parrots are prone to obesity.

5. Make sure your parrots are enough consuming vitamins

What is more important is that Vitamin A should be put on your list as an item which can keep your parrots healthy. Vitamin A medically defends your parrots from any infection.

When parrots get disease which affected by infection, lack of vitamin A will make them weak and damage their healthiness. They may difficult to breathing. So, if it’s not handled well, it can turn into bad thing such as death of your birds.

Parrots Supplement and How to Give It

1. Calcium

Due to lack of calcium, more than hundreds of birds are death. That’s why we put calcium as the most important supplement should give to every bird.

Birds have bones and back that should be hold up by substance of calcium in the process of growing. The structure of feathers also needs support of calcium to perfectly grow. Not only for body structures, but calcium also helps parrots to stabilize their mood.

2. Vitamins

Deficiencies in Vitamin A leads every parrot grows in slower condition and possibly brings death into many birds. High mortality rates also affected by lack of Vitamin A that mostly happens in baby parrots due to unborn eggs and juveniles.

Not only Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B also play critical role in the growth of parrots. Those vitamins are needed to help parrots absorb nutrients in the right way.

3. Proteins

Lack of protein in birds’ diet can affect them eating too much food which leads them into obesity. Due to that problem, protein is utilized to avoid birds from that disease.

There are various types of proteins that birds need them in the process of growing besides keep their body healthy. There are several items consist of high amount of protein such as nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

4. Minerals

Not only human, every bird including Ringneck Parrots also needs minerals to keep their body healthy. Though it may not seem important, Parrots still need to drink water to avoid dehydration in their body.

Further, they also require moisture in any foods they eat, so begin to provide your companion bird with cup of fresh water in their cage. Not to forget to change the water every single day.

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