Green Cheek Conure Price

Do you want to know what the most popular birds that have stolen mostly bird lovers in the U.S.? The answer may come to the Green Cheek Conure. What’s great is its great characteristic as they’re playful, curious, and spunk. Green Cheek Conure Price looks perfect to afford by anyone.

Not like many others birds mostly adopted as pets, though they may sound so mischievous, the Green Cheek Conures are engaging that attracts anyone to own it. In certain situation, they’re turning shy but commonly Green Cheen Ceek Conure looks comical and yet outgoing.

This kind of birds has compact size with its famous beauty and intelligence makes anyone want to have it as a pet. Though they look so popular in the eye of bird lover, there still many people don’t have an idea about the price of green cheek conure.

Characteristic of Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure Price

Before we find out the Green Cheek Conure price, it’s essential to get to know more about their characteristic. Among many other birds likely adopted as a pet, the Green Ceek Conure looks more favorable.

It’s because any green cheek conures cost more affordable as well as they’re low in stature and low in noise level. Known as a bird that breeding really easy, it’s always available to adopt them.

Green Cheeked Conure may relatively look smaller than any other conures from its group and family. Compared to other bird such as Maroon Bellied Conure, mostly people are commonly mistaken in identifying any Green Cheek Conure.

The Origin of Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure Price

Becoming the native birds mostly living in several countries in South America including Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, the Green Cheek Conure usually appears in any places such as forests and woodland areas.

You can spot a group of Green Cheek Conures flock away at the top of trees. There are about 10 to 20 birds flocking at the same group, but when there’s more food, it may come to larger flocks.

Those who live in the UK may not spot any kind of Green Cheek Conure as it’s living only in west-central and southern America.

But if you want to own them and adopt as a pet, there are many bird shop provides any types of Conure including Green Cheek Conure. Though it’s a familiar bird, you need only provide several kind of food they usually eat in the nature such as fruits, vegetables, or seeds.

Temperament of Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure Price

Popular as pet birds, the Green Cheek Conures have unique and playful temperament. If you’re looking for any birds that are affectionate and able to spending time interacting with you, Green Cheek Conure will be great option to adopt.

They may look uncooperative at the beginning, but if they’re threated in general rule, they could be an easygoing bird as well as they are a fast learner.

Adopting Green Cheek Conure means you will have so much time to spending time together, so you need to start with teaching them any simple tricks. Mostly bird lovers consider that the ability to speech is their big personalities you need to build and make up.

Speech of Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure Price

The Green Cheek Conure may sound little quiet if compared to other conure species, but it can be perfect choice for those who want to have a pet with an average level of noise. You don’t need to convince any apartment-dwellers as you take them to your home.

Speech and vocalizations of Green Cheek Conure is the most exciting any owners have to do. Owners can teach some words and make them great talkers.

Green Cheek Conure is popular as the best talkers any bird lovers interested to own. They may only live in several areas in the Southern America, but those who live in Australia still has any chance to adopt them as pets.

Though they may only understand several words, it doesn’t mean they are not able to be trained. As well as they have gravelly voices, sometimes it sounds slightly understandable.

Green Cheek Conure Colors

Green Cheek Conure Colors

Green Check Conures whether males or females appears in most similar color. It can be seen in their plumage as it displays bright red feathers, especially on the tails and chests. Their backs and wings also display bright green while their chest shows red patch surrounded by olive green color.

The head may look slightly dark with black color but their cheeks display green patches which make them gorgeous.

Touch of blue and maroon comes to their long pointed tail. At the other hand, some of different conure groups applies color variations such we might see in turquoise conures, cinnamon conures, and yellow-sided conures.

How to Adopt and Care the Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure

Mostly people ask, how much do green cheek conures cost? Well, they may only get attracted by the beauty and cleverness of the Green Cheeked Conures, but it’s slightly difficult to adopt and care this kind of birds.

Though they look like an attractive yet potential pet, they need to be cared and treated properly. As the family of Parrots, Conures precisely require socialization and daily exercise from their owners.

Not only good treat, every owner also needs to provide fresh foods, healthy and hefty cage, and also facilities that allow them to fly. As it has small size, a Green Cheek Conure doesn’t need space as large as parrot needs.

It takes only 24 inches square by 30 inches high formed in metal bars. However, we recommend you to build a cage in larger size as they grow older and need more space.

When it comes to petting and caring, there are several things every owner needs to consider. It’s OK to pair conures with others, but make sure it is not birds from different species. However, if you want to put more than one bird in your cage, ensure the cage will be larger.

You may not have a chance to watch Conures in nature if you live in Canada, but there is still a way to own them as pets.

Feeding a Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure

The most essential thing when caring a Green Cheek Conures is all about feeding. In this activity, you are not allowed to take it lightly.

Ensuring proper diet for Conures will be impacting to the growth process of feather, the temperament and emotional well-being of birds, and also other important healthiness factors. If you feed Conures with unhealthy food, healthiness of your bird will surely be suffering.

Feeding your Conures means you have to consider what they actually eat in their natural environment. There are lots of foods every bird will take as their diet in the wild.

When it comes to morning, usually Conores will forage in any bushes with eating some fruits. In certain situation, they also take seeds, nectar, bud, or even insects to be their foods as well. So, it’s important to emulate their diet in captivity.

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Green Cheek Conure Foods and suplements

Green Cheek Conure Price

1. Fruits and Vegetables

After you’re learning about how to care a Green Cheek Conures, now let’s find out the answer about what actually those birds love to eat. When it comes to Green Conure food and supplements, there are always fruits and vegetables put on the first list.

These kinds of foods are the main staple you need to provide for your bird. Make sure you have provided and served those items daily in fresh condition.

When it comes to detail, you may ask what kind of fruits and vegetables every Green Cheek Conures love to eat. As there are lots of fruits available, the answer may come to several common items such as bananas, apples, mangoes, kiwis, nectarines, papayas, or even peaches.

When you live in India and try to pet Green Cheek Conures, it may not seem that difficult as those items are really easy to find.

2. Grains, Legumes, and Beans

Another item beside fruits and vegetables that mostly used as Green Cheek Conure foods are grains, legumes, and beans. Any items mentioned before are considerably full of fiber, so it will be really useful for bird’s health.

Those groups of foods can be founded in any common things such as oats, brown rice, or even quinoa. If you’re living in Chennai, India, it’s simply easy to get those items on the shops.

On the other hand, Beans and legumes are also essential items need to provide to your Conures. It’s because these two items are rich with protein so it will help your Conure grow fast, especially for the feather and muscle.

What make these items are recommended is that they’re both are so easy to find. Almost all the shops provide beans and legumes. Beans and legumes are also totally affordable to buy.

3. Meat

Your Green Cheek Conure also needs protein to keep growing well, so you need to provide them any kind of meats. Not like many other option you can give to your bird, feeding Conure with meat should do sparingly which range from two to three times per month.

Things you need to know that feeding birds with lots of protein seems not that healthy and good. Milk, cheeses, or yogurts can be perfect option.

4. Pellets and Commercial Diets

Another option you can give to your birds is pellets and another commercial diet. Nowadays, any bird lovers begin to consider any pellets as their option for feeding their pet.

But make sure you are not giving this kind of food in larger doses. It’s because some people think that Pellets are not healthy enough for pets. As you live in Pakistan, finding pallets doesn’t seem that hard as it’s much available in any shops.

How to Pet Green Cheek Conure

1. Housing

First thing you have to consider when decide to pet Green Cheek Conure is the housing. People may only have a chance to raise this Conures until it reaches 3 weeks old, thus considering a sizable and healthy housing is a must.

Technically, it’s suggested to build Green Cheek Conure housing in 35” (W) x 20” (D) x 35” (H). The larger you build the housing the greater Conure will grow with no risk and injuries.

2. Feeding

Feeding the Green Cheek Conures as pets means you have to consider great diets for them. Make sure you have standardized your foods as good as South American pellet.

You can consider fresh fruit and vegetables such as corn, peas, apple, beans, carrot, broccoli, or spinach. As you raise them in the cage, make sure all that food is not left inside cage as it’s possibly gathering bacteria and yeasts.

3. Caring

When it comes to caring, all things you have to know are all about the attempts to enhancing your Green Cheek Conures’ life as good as they have great quality of life in the nature.

As they live in nature with the instinct for gathering food and defending their nest, it’s important to exercise them in both body and mind. Begin with give them some foraging toys to keep stimulate their mentality.

Green Cheek Conure Price

Price of Green Cheek Conure

Do you want to know how the green cheek conure price actually? Let’s get some facts explained down below. Based on any data, the low quality of Green Cheek Conure costs $250.

On the other hand, it costs around $500 for the best and great quality of them. You can expect to buy a green cheek conure bird on average price which reaching to $375.

Moreover, any Conure with unique and outstanding colors price around $400 to $750. But sometimes you don’t have to just consider only on those prices. There are several factors that may affect the price of Green Cheek Conure including the age of the birds. Based PetSmart we take as reference, an average Green Cheek Conure costs around $349.99.

According to several websites, we can show you Green Cheek Conure Price list:

Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure




Fancy Green Cheek Conure




Pineapple Creen Cheek Conure




Yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure




Turquoise Green Cheek Conure




Prices of Supplies and Equipment for Caring Green Conure

Green Cheek Conure Price

1. Cage

Another essential thing you have to prepare before bringing your Conure home is a cage. It’s truly important as your pets will spend their whole time inside there. Based on some sources, the sizable cage in average quality for a green cheek conure costs $100.

But if you want to have greater one with good quality and durability, you may find cage costs around $200 by paying a bit extra for it.

2. Carrier and Travel Bag

You may agree that you’ll never put your lovely green cheek conure inside the cage in whole lifetime. You may want to carry them walking around on the park or just bringing them riding bike.

Based on these needs, you would better to consider carrier and travel bag as your essential equipment. Based on some websites like petco, price of travel bag or carrier with good quality and condition commonly start at $80.

3. Food Supplies

You will never let your lovely conures die in starving, so you have to think about their foods supplies. It normally takes around $25 to $50 to provide food supplies for your birds in a month. Though it may not seem that expensive, but the expense will add up as well as your birds grow up over the lifetime.

4. Toys and Perches

Not only giving your pets foods, they need also toys and perches to keep them feel happy and entertained as they live in nature. There are toys and perches cost around $30 to $60 for sale in any shops, especially on the online shop.

5. Supplies for Cleaning

You may buy all things required in case to raise green cheek conure, but do not ever to forget about the cleaning supplies.

It would be the last essential things you have to consider as well as you want the conures live happily yet healthy. Cleaning supplies in any shops normally costs from $15 to $20 depend on its quality.

Several Factors Affect Green Cheek Conure Price

Price of a Green Cheek Conure

1. Age

Things you need to know that a green cheek conure bird price is also depending on the age of birds. Usually, a green cheek conure will have a life span around 10 to 15 years and never reach to 20 years.  So, the older conures you buy, the less their value to sell. The conure baby may looks slightly affordable with normal prices commonly offered.

Once baby conures has been hand-raised, they will have higher prices. Based on several subpages, a price range of conure usually starts from $250 to $300 with shipping fee around $60.

2. Location

Another impactful factor that leads prices of green cheek conure is about the location where you buy. If you’re buying birds from the different areas or countries, you may have to pay extra for the shipping fees or transportation.

According to some info, if you’re buying a conures from breeder in North Carolina, a tame baby conures will cost around $950 while the weaned baby green cheek conure price starts at $250.

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