Birds of Washington State

The state of Washington is one of state in the United States of America. This state is not the same as the capital of the country which is Washington D.C. The state of Washington is located northwest of the country, bordering directly to the Pacific Ocean. There are more than 500 species of birds of Washington State.

Washington State is located in northwest of United States of America. This state is bordering directly with the Pacific Ocean, as well as Canada, Oregon, and Idaho. The state is divided into two regions which are Western and Eastern Washington separated by Cascade Range.

The major difference of the two regions is the climate. The climate of the Western Washington is full of dry summers and mild winters. Western Washington is also home to few volcanoes such Mount Baker and Mount Rainier. There is also a rainforest named Hoh Rainforest in the Western Washington.

Eastern Washington climate is dryer than Western Washington. There is a desert area in the Cascades area. However, the region Palouse is a farmland are of the Eastern Washington. The 500 species of birds in the Washington state is spread in both regions.

Species of Birds in Washington State

Birds in Washington State

Based on the state’s documentation, there are more than 500 bird species that are either permanently living or frequent visitor of the state Washington. By the end of 2019, there are 518 species of birds of Washington State that are officially listed by the official government.

One of the most species listed on the official documentation of Washington State bird species is the waterfowl species. The waterfowl species belongs to the family Anatidae. Some of the species of this list are emperor goose, brant, canada goose, tundra swan, wood duck, gadwall, garganey, and eiders.

There are also nine species of hummingbirds listed in Washington. The small bird species is known for the humming sounds of their flapping wings. There are ruby throated hummingbird, anna’s hummingbird, calliope hummingbird, black chinned hummingbird, and several more documented in Washington State.

There are about thirty six species of wood warblers that is documented in the Washington state. The species belongs to the family Parulidae. Some of the species are ovenbird, Nashville warbler, hooded warbler, Kentucky warbler, Northern parula, common yellowthroat, hermit warbler, and painted redstart.

The family Passerellidae is also found in the Washington state. There are twenty five species of the New World sparrow located in this state. Among the twenty five species are lark sparrow, fox sparrow, vesper sparrow, field sparrow, swamp sparrow, song sparrow, spotted towhee, and green tailed towhee.

As one of the border of the state of Washington is the Pacific Ocean, there are many ocean bird species listed as the birds of Washington State.

There are about fourteen species of shearwaters and petrels, thirty one species of gulls and terns, three species of boobies and gannets, and four species of albatrosses.

9 Unique Samples Birds of Washington State

Birds of Washington State

There are more than 500 bird species found in the state of Washington. Among the species, there are numerous ocean birds found as the state is bordering the Pacific Ocean. There are also a number of birds that are native of Canada found in Washington State as it is the north border of the state.

1. Ovenbird

Birds of Washington State

Oven bird, or also known as Seiurus aurocapilla, is a small bird species that belongs to genus Siurus and family Parulidae. This bird is small to medium sized compared to the rest of the wood warbler species. Ovenbird is measuring about 11 to 16 centimeters and their wings span about 19 to 26 centimeters.

Ovenbird is weighing about 19 grams with the smallest bird found weighing about 14 grams and the biggest bird is weighing nearly 30 grams. Ovenbird tend to have an increase of weight at the start of the winter season and when they are about to take off on migration flight.

Ovenbird has mostly green and brown feathers at the top of their heads. They have splashes of white on the under parts of the body combined with black streaks. Ovenbird is a songbirds which sounds that has variants tone from low pitched to a sharp calling.

2. Canada Goose

Birds of Washington State

Canada goose, true to its name, is wildly populated the North America region. However, this species is also introduced to many continents such as Europe, New Zealand, and South America. Canada goose is also known as Branta Canadensis that belongs to genus Branta and family Anatidae.

Canada goose is large in size compared to other species in its family. This species is measuring about 75 to 110 centimeters and their wings can span ranging from 127 to 185 centimeters. The male goose is tend to be heavier than the female goose with the overall weight ranging from 2.6 to 6 kilograms.

This bird species is flying in flocks. In the winter, flocks of Canada goose are migrating towards the United States of America searching for warmer region such as California. They are herbivores creature which are consuming range of greens and grasses.

3. Northern Fulmar

Birds of Washington State

Northern fulmar is one of ocean birds that is included in the list of birds of Washington State. This bird species is also known as Fulmarus glacialis. This bird species belongs to genus Fulmarus and family Procellariidae. This species is mostly found in the North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans.

Northern fulmar is a large ocean bird. Its length is average of 46 centimeters and the wingspan is ranging from 102 to 112 centimeters. The body weight is from 450 grams to 1 kilometers. Northern fulmar have a dominant dark colors of gray. The beak is thick and colored yellow. They have light blue colored legs.

This bird species lives long. They can live for up to 31 years. Northern fulmar starts to breed at the age of six years. They mate for a long time and create a long term bonds.

4. Ring-billed Gull

Ring-billed Gull

Ring-billed gull, also known as Larus delawarensis, belongs to the genus Larus and family Laridae. This is one of the seabird species of birds of Washington State. They have quite long lifespan. The mature bird can live for up to 11 years of age.

This bird species has a medium size compared to other species of gulls. The length is measuring to 49 centimeters and the wingspan can reach up to 125 centimeters. This bird species can be widely found on the shores of northern part of the United States and also in Canada.

Ring-billed gull has a dominant white and light grey plumage. It has a small bill and a pair of thin legs. They nest in colonies and also migrate to the southern part of the continent.

5. Common Murre

Birds of Washington State

Murre is also an ocean bird species listed as one of birds of Washington State. Common murre, also known as Uria aalge, belongs to genus Uria and family Alcidae. As common ocean bird, murre lives most of it life at the sea. However, they will breed on shores in colonies.

Common murre breeds in colonies. The female will only lay one single egg per season. The egg will be incubated by the female for about four weeks. After it hatch, the baby bird will stay there until about 20 days. Baby bird will learn to dive and fly with the male murre while the female stay for two more weeks.

Common murre is medium in size. It is measuring 38 to 46 centimeters in length and 775 to 1250 grams in weight. The wingspan can reach ranging from 61 to 73 centimeters.

6. Killdeer

Birds of Washington State

Killdeer, also known as Charadrius vociferus, is one of the birds of Washington State. It belongs to genus Charadrius and family Charadriidae. This bird heavily populates the British Columbia of Canada which is directly bordering the northern part of Washington State.

Killdeer is medium sized with the length measuring about 20 to 28 centimeters and the wingspan ranging from 59 to 63 centimeters. Their weight is measuring from 72 to 121 grams. This birds have all-white underparts of the body and the upper parts are brown with stripes of black and white.

Killdeer can produce sounds during day and night. It is well known for its long and high alarm call. During normal flying time, the bird will make noises or calls that is resembling the name kil-deer. Kildeer usually breed during early spring time and lasts until summer time.

7. American Coot

Birds of Washington State

American coot is one of the bird species in the state of Washington. Its physical appearance is closely resembling common ducks. However, American coot belongs to the genus Fulica, family Rallidae, and order Gruiformes. American coots live in shallow waters and wetlands in North America.

This bird species breed in summer time. American coot build floating nests during breeding and nesting season. The female coot will lay from 8 to 12 eggs in one nest. The incubation is shared between male and female. The eggs will be incubated for about 21 days before they hatch.

American coot usually feed on food they find in the waters such as algae. They also feed on small animals they find such as fishes and insects. They dive to get their food.

8. Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Birds of Washington State

Yellow-billed cuckoo is one of small bird species of birds of Washington state list. The bird species, Coccyzus Americanus, belongs to genus Coccyzus and family Cuculidae. They are also known in the United States as the rain crow or storm crow.

Yellow-billed cuckoo is known for its long tail. The dominant color of their plumage is white on the under parts and brown on the upper parts of the body. They have yellow bill which makes up for their name.

This bird species will migrate to southern part of the continent such as Central and South America. Yellow-billed cuckoo will lay about 3 to 4 eggs during breeding season. Their eggs will be incubated for about two weeks. The baby birds will learn to fly about two to three weeks after they hatch.

9. Canada Jay

Birds of Washington State

Canada jay is known by a lot other names. Some people this bird species gray jay, camp robber, or whicky jay. The binomial name of this species is Perisoreus Canadensis. This bird species belongs to genus Perisoreus and family Corvidae of order Passerformes.

This bird species is one of the birds of Washington State. They have nine subspecies that have been formally classified. This bird species live in the forests and feed on small animals such as smaller birds, rodents, and arthropods. They are also known to feed on frogs and salamanders.

Canada jay is a songbird. Its size is considered large among the songbird kind. It has 25 to 33 centimeters in length and weighing about 65 to 70 grams. The wingspan can reach up to 45 centimeters. Canada jay is a beautiful songbird. It has a grey dominated feathers. Layers of grey ranging from light to darker grey.

Canada jay is known to mate for life. This bird species starts breeding when they reach two years old. The nesting season begin as early as late winter until very early spring. The female Canada jay will lay from 2 to 5 eggs that will be incubated for about 3 weeks before they hatch.

Birds of Washington State are ranging from ocean bird species to songbird species. There are many ocean birds found in the state due to its location bordering the Pacific Ocean. Auks, murres, frigatebirds, tropicbirds, shearwaters, and gulls can be find in the list of birds in the Washington State.

There are also a lot of bird species that are native to North America and Canada that highly populate the state of Washington. Washington is bordering to British Columbia of Canada. Birds such as Canada jay and Canada goose can be found in the documented list of birds in the Washington State as well.

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