Birds of Maine

The division of an area into a unitary state is very important in the sustainability of living organisms. This is because the geographical location can determine the diversity of species. It also determines how they can adapt to their territory, migrate to certain weather or seasons, and determine their enemies and prey. If you are a bird lover of course you will be familiar with the birds of Maine.

This area is a place that has abundant biodiversity, because it is bordered by several regions in some seasons. This can make you easily identify various kinds of birds of Maine in the region.

Many unique things that you can observe in this region, including beautiful scenery, and cold and fresh weather. You also can find the chickadee that is an official bird since 1927.

Definition and Geographical Location

Maine is the northern most country in the northeastern United States. Maine is also the 12th smallest region, and the 9th most populous region.

This region is located in New England, so it is bordered by the New Hampshire region in the west, the southeast is bordered by the Atlantic. This location is also the place for seabirds of Maine.

This area is also bordered by Quebec from Canada for northwest part. Maine is the only area bordering other states. Maine is also known for its coastline which has serrations and is very rocky.

This region is a low place, filled with various mountains, dense forests, to a very beautiful water source. Its natural resources are also very delicious for consumption such as shellfish and lobster.


The continental climate has a stable humidity in several parts of the area, one of which is on the shore. The origin of the name Maine actually has no definite origins.

There are some figures who state that maybe the name was formed by some of the early colonizers after the Maine province was in France.

The name was later established in 1665 when the government was led by the Commissioner of the King of England, he stated that the name must immediately obtain official records. Several decades later when in 2001 several figures claimed to adopt the resolution of the Franco-American Day. They also stated that the area was named after the former Province of France, Maine.

The History

The native inhabitants of this region are Wabanaki who used to use Algonquian languages, such as Maliseet, Androscoggin, Kennebec, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot.

During the war, Philip combined many people into one Wabanaki Confederation to help several other regions. This incident caused many people to be driven out of their native territories

Besides, some Maine tribes remained silent in their territories until the American Revolution. The incident also resulted in some people being considered to be a society in a separate country, thus making many people who tried to adapt in their new region, Greece. The remaining communities along the coast are forced to be nomadic.


Maine is a humid area with a continental level, because it passes through the summer with warm and humid temperatures. Winters in this area is very long in duration, and heavy snow.

The worst winters are in the north and west, while the coast is moderated by the Atlantic Ocean. This results in milder winters, and cooler summers.

The highest temperatures during the day are usually around 75-80 ° F in all parts of the region in July. January temperatures are at 30 ° F on the coast, and touched at 0 ° F in the north.

You have prepare well, if you will go to this place. It is because birds of Maine has a good ability in adaptation with their habitat.

Birds of Maine Identification

1. Ducks, Geese, and Swans

birds of maine

Ducks, geese, and swans are species that belong to the Anatidae family. This species is usually known as a variety of aquatic birds. You can find about 150 species that can be found all over the world.

This bird can certainly be found in Maine with a total of 34 species that have been found, 15 species are core inhabitants during the mating season.

18 other species live in Maine in the winters. You can also find 34 species that are able to migrate through the Maine path. Besides, there are eleven ducks that can swim, 6 sea ducks, 12 ducks that can dive.

You can also find 4 geese that are divided into 34 species of waterfowl that can be identified in Maine. Those species are also common birds of Maine.

2. Pheasants, Grouse and Allies

birds of maine

This species is a terrestrial bird with a variety of sizes, but has a characteristic fat and wings that tend to be wide or short. Many of them are birds that have been tamed and can be food for the people.

An example is a turkey that has a distinctive shape with meat that hangs under their beak. They belong to Order Galliformes, and Family Phasianidae.

There are also Galliform species that have female types with smaller body characteristics than males. Usually they are found with wings that have a size of 1.5 to 1.8 meters, or about almost six feet.

Turkeys are also among the largest birds in the open forest in the Maine area. Besides, there are grouse that is able to live in areas not extreme climate in some areas in Maine.

3. Rails, gallinules, and coots

birds of maine

Those species related with Order Gruiformes, and family Rallidae. Rails, gallinules, and coots are species that generally have a small to medium size.

The most distinctive feature that can be found in this species is being able to live in a place that has dense vegetation, a humid environment, and places close to the swamps, lakes, or rivers.

They are a species of birds that are very closed and shy, so it will make it difficult for bird lovers to observe it. Most of them have strong legs and sharp toes so they can adapt well to uneven places.

They are also easy to find because they have a distinctive wing shape that is round and short, this makes them difficult to fly. There are all species that have been recorded and found in the Maine.

4. Grebes

birds of maine

Grebes are types of aquatic birds that consume crustaceans and small fish. This bird is often likened to a loon species, because it has something in common that is able to dive well using feet. Sometime later, the researchers found DNA analysis that resulted in the closeness of this species to the Flamingo.

There are 22 species that can be found in several regions of the world, but you will only find three in the Maine area. One of them is that there are species that can nest in summer.

They also tend to like habitat in small swamps. Usually the neck is red and tends to have a crown. They also tend to be fond of groups and gatherings. Besides, for smaller crowns, they prefer to be alone.

5. Crane

birds of maine

Crane is an extraordinary species because it is one of the large bird species in Maine. Many figures say that this species was first discovered in the 1980s, so it belongs to the Order Gruiformes and Family Gruidae.

They are one type of species that is able to pass the Scarborough Marsh area or even further. It is because they affected by the effects of heat waves.

When viewed from a distance this species will resemble the shape of humans who are walking in strange ways. There are some figures who claim that they have found these birds in the desert.

They found the bird by fishing using the sound of trumpets, because the voice was able to call this bird quickly. You also can try this way to find them easily.

6. Hummingbirds

birds of maine

Hummingbird has 320 species distributed throughout the western world. Most of them are scattered in South America, and can live longer there. Besides, some hummingbirds have a unique lifestyle living in the Caribbean or Central America.

There are about 16 species that are able to migrate to North America regularly. This species is also founded as backyard birds of Maine.

There are also several species that are able to migrate to the eastern rocky mountains, to the Gulf of Mexico, and finally to southern Canada.

There are also species that can and are easily found in Maine. Its characteristic is that they are able to nest in Mississippi in its eastern chart. Hummingbirds enter the Order of Apodiformes and the Trochilidae Family.

7. Pigeons and Doves

birds of maine

Pigeon and doves species are Order Columbiformesan and Family Columbidae. They are usually 12 inches in size, have a sharp beak shape, and a thin tail of medium size.

They also have similar appearance in each sex. Men usually have stronger colored hair than women. They are also a species that can breed for a lifetime, with a short age of around seven to eleven years.

This bird is widely hunted in various countries around the world because there are no strict regulations regarding the preservation of ecosystems.

Besides, this species is much protected in Maine because pigeon and dove are rare birds. Some of these types can also be a symbol of mourning, because the call tends to produce an expression of sadness.

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List of Birds of Maine

1. Green-Winged Teal

birds of maine

Green-winged teal is a type of duck that can be easily found in North America, except in the Aleutian Islands. These ducks are able to migrate in winter to faraway places, usually they go to the southern part of their native region.

They also like to gather and colonize except in the breeding season. They are also able to fly in the same way, so they can circle other herds quickly.

These ducks are able to sing and have significant differences between males and females. Male birds that are breeding usually have ash on their wings and back.

There is also a yellow color at the tip of the body, and has white eyes. They can be clearly seen while flying or resting. So, you have to take a right moment for doing the identification.

2. Snow Gooses

birds of maine

Snow goose is a type of species that consists of white and dark colors. This species can be called bluebirds because it has a beautiful color.

This bird is a species that originated in North America, and its name comes from the color of its white feathers like snow. Many figures say that this species has taxonomic authority as the genus Chen.

This is because species identification follows the conventional way of placing them in the genus. The scientific name of this species comes from the Latin Anser, and Caerulescens comes from caeruleus which means dark blue.

This swan is able to breed in the northern path in the Greenland, and Alaska Canada. He doesn’t spend the spring season in North America due to its climate.

3. Black Bellied Whistling Duck

birds of maine

This duck has the scientific name Dendrocygna Autumnalis, and has the nickname of the duck which is capable of making songbirds.

These ducks usually breed in the United States at the very south, also in the tropics close to South America. They can be found throughout the year in Florida, Southeast Texas, and several seasons in Central Arizona.

They also tend to be close to the sea, because they are often found on the coast of Louisiana Bay.

Many people often look for this duck because in certain areas, this species is a rare type of duck. Besides, in the central Florida area it is becoming a common farm animal. You also can learn about them in identification book of Maine Birds.

4. Wild Turkey

birds of maine

Wild turkey has a scientific name that is Meleagris gallopavo. They are birds that can be found in North America. One of the other species can be found with members of Galliformes.

The species is entered into a domestic turkey which is marked by color. Turkeys also have a variety of subspecies in southern Mexico, and are usually characterized by wild attitudes.

Many people think this turkey is a native bird from England because you can find it there. There is also a claim that this turkey came from Madagascar and was brought to England by several traders.

This bird is an exotic species due to the shape and color. You also can find them in some habitats that close to the meadow.

5. Black Billed Cuckoo

birds of maine

Black billed cuckoo is a species that belongs to the Cuculidae family, and has a scientific name called Coccyzus erythropthalmus.

Their scientific name comes from ancient Greek which means to call, red, and eye. They are very similar to other types of cuckoo birds, because of their common yellow color.

The hallmark of this family type is being able to lay eggs in other bird’s nests. Many also mention that this bird is needed by the parent parasite, so there are some of them who often incubate their chickens.

You also can find them in their habitat such as deciduous forest, mixed forest type, or forest. They are more rarely found in coniferous forests.

6. Chimney Swift

birds of maine

This bird is a species that comes from the family Apodidae, and the genus Chaetura. This bird does not have various subspecies.

This bird can be characterized by its medium size, its color is gray, its wings are not too big, and its legs tend to be short. This bird also has the ability to perch, and usually attaches vertically.

The main food of these birds is flying insects, and several types of spiders that can be found in the air. They are able to pair for life, and together build a nest of twigs and saliva in a vertical place.

The female is able to produce 5 white eggs, and usually hatch within 19 days. They are also able to live more than 4 years.

7. Sora Bird

birds of maine

Sora is a small bird that can live in water. They belong to the family Rallidae, and have the scientific name as Porzana Carolina. They also have other calls like Sora Crake, and Sora Rail.

The name of this bird is taken from Latin American. Adult birds have a size of 19-30 cm, are marked with brown on the top of the body, and the bottom is blue gray.

Their habitat is in the swamp, and can be found easily in North America. They are able to nest in hidden locations, and produce 12 eggs. Their eggs usually do not hatch at the same time.

You will be hard to get their pictures, because they tend to be good at hiding. They also usually incubate eggs, and leave the nest when the eggs have hatched.

So, here are the list species, identification, and some information of bird in Maine that can be learned by you. There will be so many species that can be found in Maine, and some of them almost extinct. You have to be careful for doing identification. Don’t make them confused, because it can make them threatened.

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