Best Parrot Cages

Choosing the ideal parrot crates that is right for your parrot is actually incredibly important to guarantee that they are actually relaxed as well as delighted. Your largest problem is just how to care for parrots since only at that point may the two of you appreciate being actually together and also you can start through receiving the absolute best parrot cages.

There are a considerable amount of bird crates being actually offered, and also you could experience a tough time trying to select one that you presume is actually best for your parrot.

Fortunately, we have taken a look at several cages as well as carried out an evaluation of the ones we believe are actually the very best. However prior to you start buying a cage, there are actually some important traits you require to keep in mind.

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The 5 Top Rated Parrot Cages

best parrot cages

Editor’s PicksBrandRating
Best OverallPrevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage4.5
Runner UpHomey Pet – 65″ House Shape Bird Cockatoo Macaw Cage4.4
Best Budget BuySuper Deal 68″ Large Bird Cage4.0
Best Large CageMcage Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron Double Cage4.0
Best AviaryBestmart INC LARGE Aluminum Bird Cage Walk In Aviary4.2

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

30 Best Parrot Cages for 2020

1. Crate Q24-2822 Afro-american

best parrot cages

Gauging 28 ins long, 22 inches deep, and 50 ins high, leaving out the position, this parrot crate coming from Delta will certainly provide your feathered friend loads of space to relocate. The strong functioned iron building and construction makes it strongly heavy duty.

Key Features:

  • Seed dress to decrease wreck
  • Wheels for effortless moving
  • Foldout playtop alternative

Price: $210.

2. Mcage Huge Wrought Iron

best parrot cages

Some cages are slender however high, whereas this model provides roughly identical horizintal as well as vertical room. The crates on its own measures 32 ins long, 19 ins deep, and 37 ins high.

Secret Features:

  • Begins stand along with wheels.
  • Rack under crate for storage.
  • Heavy duty wrought iron building.

Expense: $115.

3. Prevue Hendryx Signature Set Wrought Iron Silverado Macaw Dometop Bird Cage

best parrot cages

If you yearn for a parrot crate along with outstanding dimensions and also long lasting development, look no further. The internal crate sizes are 46 inches long, 36 ins deep, as well as 63 inches higher, which should be enough for a lot of parrots.

Key Features:

  • Attractive dometop layout.
  • Pull-out base rack for very easy cleaning.
  • Flathead hex screws can not be unscrewed by your parrot.

Cost: $470.

4. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

best parrot cages

It might not be actually sizable or sturdy good enough to withstand the most extensive parrot types, however at 37 ins long, 23 inches deep, and 48 inches high (excluding the position), this is actually a nobly sized crate at an incredibly affordable cost.

Key Features:

  • Consists of three timber branches and 4 plastic food mugs.
  • Wheels make it easy to relocate from space to space.
  • Rack basically takes out for cleaning.

Price: $155.

5. Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, X-Large

best parrot cages

Certain, it is actually certainly not cheap, however this cage is substantial as well as well worth the money, particularly if you own various parrots or even a big macaw or even similar.

The dimensions of this cage are actually a remarkable 46 inches long, 36 ins deep, and 78 3/4 ins high (including a tiny position), however take note that the 1 3/8 inch pub space might be actually very sizable for tiny parrots.

Trick Features:

  • Inside flooring grille may be cleared away to give an added 10 inches of area inside.
  • Very tough wrought iron construction.
  • Easy rolling wheels.

Expense: $570.

6. Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage 1305 White

best parrot cages

This portable parrot cage is actually only suited for transport or even trip, like excursions to the vet, except day-to-day make use of, however it’s still strongly budget friendly.

Trick Features:

  • Folds up down flat for storage space when not being used.
  • Possesses a wooden branch as well as two stainless-steel food/water bowls.
  • Practical slide gain access to door.

Price: $35.

7. Prevue Pet Products Square Roof Parrot Cage

best parrot cages

Gauging 25 ins long, 21 ins deep, as well as 29 1/2 ins high, this tabletop alternative may not be the most extensive cage on the marketplace but has lots of space for smaller parrot varieties, plus it comes at a very affordable price. Best parrot cages

Secret Features:

  • Disengagement holder and detachable grille for effortless cleaning.
  • Features two perches and also three plastic bowls.
  • Huge main door.

Price: $95.

8. Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage

best parrot cages

If you really want a mid-sized playtop crate at a bargain price, this is actually an exceptional option. With a measurements of roughly 24 ins long, 22 inches deep, and 35 inches high (excluding the position as well as playtop), this is greatest satisfied to smalled parrots, such as conures and Meyer’s parrots.

Trick Features:

  • Industrial wheels.
  • Helped make from tough grain layered iron.
  • Seed dress and also detachable rack create cleansing easier.

Price: $115

9. ZENY Pet Play Top Bird Cage

best parrot cages

Even if you’re searching for a spending plan parrot crate, it doesn’t mean you need to jeopardize on measurements. Including the stand, this crate evaluates 31 ins long, 29 1/2 ins deep, as well as 68 ins higher, and appropriates for a lot of small and medium sized parrots.

Trick Features:

  • Playtop featuring a perch, bowls, as well as a ladder.
  • Tough operated iron pubs.
  • Secure lock on door.

Price: $90.

10. Ideal Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage

best parrot cages

This tough wrought iron playtop crate features the common playtop design of a perch, 2 bowls, as well as a ladder. Misuc the position and playtop, the crate measures 24 ins long, 22 ins deep, and 37 1/2 inches high.

Secret Features:

  • Long lasting building.
  • 2 metal trays for effortless cleansing.
  • Wheels make it simple to relocate.

Cost: $150.

11. Homey Household pet L24 xW22 xH61 Big Parrot Crate

best parrot cages

This well-sized parrot crate possesses an appealing available playtop design. You can easily choose to put together the playtop when your bird runs out the crate, however it isn’t corrected in location at all opportunities.

Secret Components:

  • Completed with a rust-resistant safe epoxy.
  • Includes 3 supplying bowls as well as 2 posts inside (plus a 3rd for the playtop).
  • Seed dress assists stay clear of clutter.

Price: $180.

12. Mcage New Big Wrought Iron Bird Parrot Crate

best parrot cages

Including 2 posts, ladders, and also bowls, this cage gives a bigger playtop location than a lot of its competitors, which is actually perfect for birds who delight in hanging out on the playtop or for multiple birds. Best parrot cages

Trick Functions:

  • Relatively huge layout.
  • The pull out tray cleans the crate easier.
  • Comes on wheels for mobility.

Cost: $150.

13. PetcageMart Bird Parrot Crate

best parrot cages

It isn’t pretty as tough as some even more expensive possibilities, this desirable parrot crate with optionally available open playtop is strong good enough to hold most little and medium parrots.

Key Attributes:

  • Appealing stand style with shelve for storing.
  • Includes 2 stainless-steel bowls and 3 wood branches.
  • Detachable grate as well as plastic tray.

Expense: $105.

14. Prevue Animal Products Double Roof Covering Bird Crate along with Playtop

best parrot cages

This roomy cage procedures 36 1/2 ins long, 27 1/4 inches deep, and 63 1/2 inches higher at its own acme. The playtop functions a branch, 2 bowls, and also a triple hook for adding your own toys. Best parrot cages

Trick Attributes:

  • Uncommon dual roof covering concept.
  • Two-in-one main door can easily swing available or fold up down.
  • 7/8 inch wire spacing.

Cost: $490.

15. Yaheetech 62 ″ Pet Dog Bird Cage

best parrot cages

Its own appealing eco-friendly surface makes this playtop cage stick out coming from other versions. Aesthetic appeals aside, this strong crate creates a really good residence for much smaller parrot types.

Trick Features:

  • Removeable sand racks base as well as top.
  • Created from operated iron with a non-toxic powder coated coating.
  • Industrial, noise-free wheels.

Cost: $105.

16. Yescom Parrot Bird Cage

best parrot cages

With two ladders, two bowls, 2 branches, as well as a plaything hook, this playtop cage supplies a lot more amusement options for your feathery buddy while he runs out his crate.

Secret Features:

  • Readily available in black as well as white colored surfaces.
  • Sizable crate size. Best parrot cages
  • Includes free of cost plaything.

Cost: $165.

17. Advantek Veranda Aviary Bird Crate

best parrot cages

It may be expensive, but if you wish an incredibly huge house for your parrots, this bird sanctuary is a great option. The wood framework may not be actually suited for heavy chewers.

Key Components:

  • Remarkably sizable.
  • Suitable for exterior and also interior make use of (climate enabling).
  • Easy access to meals and water racks.

Expense: $690.

18. Giantex Big Parrot Bird Cage

best parrot cages

It might look fairly practical, yet– evaluating 21 ins long, 21 inches deep, and forty five ins high (leaving out the position)– this cage makes a fundamental, yet useful property for smaller sized parrots.

Key Components:

  • Comes with four timber perches inside. Best parrot cages
  • Wheels make it simple to move.
  • Strong, rust-resistant cage.

Price: $65.

19. Cage Add-on Sizable Bird House

Cage Add-on Sizable Bird House

While detailed as a trip cage, it isn’t large good enough for a parrot to accomplish any type of substantial amount of flying in. It is, however, a really good simple crate that is actually lightweight and quick and easy to go on its own wheels. Best parrot cages

Key Attributes:

  • Features four beed cartons, and canteen, and also 2 branches.
  • Animal protected, safe appearance.
  • Base rack takes out for cleansing.

Price: $140.

20. Super Bargain 53 ″ Bird Cage

best parrot cages

It’s not the most extensive alternative accessible, this bird cage is a sound possibility for much smaller parrots, specifically if they devote a whole lot of the time out of their crates. Best parrot cages

Key Attributes:

  • Durable wrought iron building.
  • Pair of timber posts consisted of.
  • Casters for transportability.

Cost: $55.

21. Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

best parrot cages

This sizable parrot crate is actually developed along with your bird’s well-being in mind. The door of the crate is actually huge to permit you to access the cage along with simplicity and also it has a latch on leading and a push-button padlock to ensure that your clever bird carries out not leave.

The crate is easy to put together, as well as it happens in different shades so you can get one to match your home decoration.


  • High-quality.
  • The cage is actually escape-proof.
  • Coated along with safe powder.
  • Large.


  • Smaller parrots could receive their scalps stuck between the bars and also injure on their own while doing so.

22. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

best parrot cages

The crate possesses a tough steel building for durability thus your birds will definitely use it throughout their lifestyles. The crate comes along with 4 plastic mugs and also 3 strong lumber perches while likewise providing space for additional accessories.

The crate is actually quick and easy to tidy as well as also assemble and it possesses numerous doors to allow you to gain access to inside the cage easily. Best parrot cages


  • It has several doors to allow quick and easy accessibility to the crate.
  • It is roomy.
  • Sound building.
  • It features a storing shelve to raise storage space.


  • The two back door have actually been stated not to latch safely.

23. Prevue Pet Products Empire

best parrot cages

The cage additionally arrives with three stainless steel non-tip bowls to stop your parrots from turning the platters over, as well as a hardwood branch where your birds are going to rest.

The large doors on the cage offer effortless access in to the crate, and the pull out holder at the lower makes it effortless to clean the crate. Best parrot cages

The cage may be actually conveniently set up, and also the hex bolts utilized during the course of setting up possess level scalps to prevent your parrots coming from unscrewing all of them. Best parrot cages


  • Easy to clean as well as it additionally keeps your flooring well-maintained.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Features a paintbrush and touch-up coating.
  • Solid development.


  • The food bowls are actually too tiny for larger parrots.

24. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

best parrot cages

It possesses two large doors which make it possible for easy accessibility into the crate and sturdy locks to securely latch the doors.

The cage possesses a plastic rack at the base to keep your bird’s droppings, as well as this likewise assists to maintain your flooring tidy. The cage is very easy to put together, and also it has a desirable appearance when finished. Best parrot cages


  • It is actually big to hold multiple parrots.
  • It possesses an eye-catching appearance.
  • Huge doors for very easy access in to the cage.
  • Easy to construct.


  • The crate is actually a little thin.

25. Yaheetech 61″ Wrought Iron Select Large Bird Cages

best parrot cages

The seed protection captures dropped seeds, and also the slide-out tray at the lower makes washing effortless through capturing food as well as droppings to avoid messing the cage as well as the floor.

The cage has a refined wood perch for your bird to rest as well as the functioned iron is coated with safe grain. The ball-shaped wheels bring in the crate quick and easy to relocate.


  • Easy to relocate.
  • Anchor lock unit.
  • Possesses seed protection to snare dropped seeds.
  • Attributes a play top concept.


  • Challenging to assemble.

26. Giantex Bird Cage

best parrot cages

The cage possesses 3 supplying doors to make it possible for several individuals to access the parrots. The cage possesses a sizable steel front door along with a snapping hair to prevent the parrots coming from allowing themselves out. It has a lockable wheelset which creates activity simple and lets the cage stay in spot for security.


  • Easy to maintain well-maintained.
  • Possesses several doors for multiple access to the birds.
  • Getaway evidence.
  • It has lockable wheels.


  • Assembly directions are a bit lacking.

27. Eyesight Bird Cage Model M02

best parrot cages

The crate will definitely certainly not take up a lot room in your property, however it is actually big sufficient for your tiny birds to move as well as play around.

It possesses a deep base which may satisfy all kinds of litter from your birds and the crate and a debris guard that prevents any type of litter coming from receiving out of the crate. Best parrot cages

The holding handles enable the cage to be actually held and thrilled with simplicity, and also the crate is actually very easy to construct.


  • It is furnished with a particles guard.
  • Easy to carry all around.
  • Created for convenience.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It performs not come with a pull-out tray.

28. Yaheetech 61″ Wrought Iron Select Large Bird Cages (white)

best parrot cages

The crate is actually outfitted along with a bungee rope that is resisting to bites to incorporate even more enjoyable and also to market your parrots’ balancing potentials.

The cage may be actually moved conveniently with the assistance of the sturdy ball-shaped wheels. The hefty task button hair guarantees that the parrots are tightly kept inside the cage.


  • Take care of design on tray and also grille.
  • Sturdy switch hair.
  • Designed for the convenience of your birds.


  • The cage is a little complicated to construct.

29. AXPETY 93″ Large Walk-in Bird House

best parrot cages

Sometimes you perform not need to have to maintain your birds in their crates. A bird sanctuary is actually a fantastic option for maintaining your parrots outside.

This aviary is perfect for channel to big birds, as well as it is actually roomy enough to enable birds to soar and play inside. It is made of durable light weight aluminum which is actually resisting to decay and corrosion. Best parrot cages

The mesh style allows adequate sky to relocate easily in and out of the property and also it additionally lets adequate light into the bird sanctuary. Your birds will certainly also view their environments, hence giving them a sense of flexibility.

The aviary has a huge gate to enable you to enter and also feed or even have fun with the birds. It possesses simple to follow instructions to make installation easy as well as they also consist of a pair of handwear covers for feeding your birds. Best parrot cages


  • Large.
  • Properly ventilated.
  • Created coming from good quality light weight aluminum.
  • Large doors for easy access in to the aviary.


  • Assembly takes time.

30. Yaheetech 59″ Rolling Standing Medium Dome Bird Cage

best parrot cages

The crate comes with two timber sits on, and 2 stainless steel farmers for your bird’s comfort. The birdcage is actually effortless to set up, has a strong construction for durability, and also the metal possesses a safe epoxy covering to guarantee your bird’s protection even when it bites the cords. Best parrot cages

The durable brake wheels allow you to relocate the crate with simplicity and also keep it in one piece for stability.


  • Tough construction.
  • Brake wheels allow very easy action and also stability.
  • Includes a shelf for momentary storage.
  • The cage possesses an appealing look.


  • Your parrot might leave the crate with the best door.

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Factors to Consider

What Size Perform I Want?

The measurements of a cage matters a great deal when selecting a crate for your bird. It must be huge good enough to suit your parrot easily, however concurrently certainly not use up a lot of space in your property. The size of the crate will definitely depend on the length of time you prepare to maintain your parrot inside.

If the parrot is going to be investing most of its opportunity inside it, a huge crate is actually suitable. The measurements of the cage will additionally depend on the kind of parrot that you have.

Some types of parrots are bigger than others, and also they will, consequently, demand bigger crates. It is, however, suggested that you go for the very most gigantic cage that you may manage because parrots’ organic habitation in the forest is actually huge.

What Material is actually the Bird Cage?

The product utilized to build the parrot cage can easily either be actually metallic or plastic. Despite the component utilized, there are some that are actually unsafe and also others which are actually secure for your household pet. Steel is actually one of the most typically utilized material for cages, and also you are going to locate a considerable amount of metallic parrot cages in the market.

Due to the fact that this could present a threat to your animal bird, you ought to go for one that will definitely certainly not cultivate corrosion over time.

Considering that the parrot is going to very most very likely go to chew on the steel, the material utilized to coating the steel must also be safe.

On top of that, other than the wooden post, you need to entirely prevent lumber in the cage because parrots regularly usually tend to destroy hardwood.

Does It Have the Right Bar Spacing?

The bar spacing are going to depend on the form of parrot you own, but it ought to not be actually more than 1 1/4 inches apart. This is actually due to the fact that you do not wish your bird squeezing via the cage as well as obtaining embeded the procedure.

For the bigger parrots, you may pick a cage that possesses straight as opposed to vertical bars because they likewise just like to climb up. Best parrot cages


You need to examine the top quality of the cage prior to buying it. Because you will really want to utilize it for numerous years, the cage must possess a strong development.

There must be actually no loosened components as this are going to trigger the cage to find apart.


They are actually brought in through brilliant colours, therefore if achievable, you need to have to obtain a crate that is going to allow you to include vibrant playthings as well as extras inside it. Best parrot cages

This is actually considering that your pet dog is going to most likely spend most of its own time in the cage and the playthings are going to deliver something for the parrot to appear at and play with, as well as this are going to additionally prevent dullness.


Parrot cages come in different designs. It is advised that you choose a tilted cage since rounded crates, conforming to study, have actually been uncovered to be unsafe. Best parrot cages

The design of the cage are going to establish whether you are actually mosting likely to dangle it or put it on a platform.

Just How Easily Can I Access Inside the Cage?

The cage requires to possess a door which will definitely let you gain access to inside it along with ease. Always remember that parrots are brilliant birds as well as they may effortlessly open up cage doors that are not adequately secured.

You may get a crate along with a sliding bottom skillet and also a removable flooring grate. The door needs to also be big sufficient to permit you to move your palms comfortably inside the crate.

Positioning a Parrot Cage

Parrots affection attention, thus you need to place the cage in a place that will permit your household pet to see and engage along with people. This are going to assist to stop the parrot coming from acquiring bored or emotion lonesome.

This, nonetheless, carries out not imply that the room needs to have to become too raucous or even possess a considerable amount of commotion as this can trigger anxiousness in your bird as a result triggering health condition.

Make certain the cage is placed against a wall or even in a corner. Given that your parrot needs somewhere to hide when it believes threatened, this is. The wall will provide all of them with a sense of security, and also this will definitely support their overall well being

The crate requires to become at the very same degree as your upper body to make sure that you can socialize along with your parrot daily.

Putting the crate too high will certainly create it to feel segregated while putting it too reduced will certainly lead to the parrot to experience anxious and also positioning it over your head will definitely create it to think that it is superior over you.

Perform not put the cage in the cooking area as it can receive too hot or in the bathroom because of the transforming heat energy and also humidity. Given that fast modifications in temperature level are not healthy for your bird, this is actually. Steer clear of putting the cage straight facing a window.

Parrots may get scared of dogs, war hawks or tornados. The parrot is going to likewise experience the quick temp adjustments when put through a home window. Rather, you may put the crate strategically to permit the parrot possess a partial sight of the window.

The crate must likewise be put away from both organic and human-made toxins to avoid your bird coming from taking in toxic substances.

Another vital point to details is actually that parrots love to eat on traits. You should, therefore, put the cage out of chewable things and also shelves where the bird can hit your valuable products via the bars of the crate and chew on all of them.

Cleaning and also Maintaining

You are demanded to tidy and also disinfect your parrot’s cage on a normal manner. Quick cleaning may be performed daily by substituting the liner of the cage that records your parrot’s droppings.

Weekly or month-to-month cleansing can be carried out relying on exactly how major the crate is as well as exactly how frequently the parrot keeps in the crate.

While cleansing, use a disinfectant that is strong good enough to kill all the viruses as well as bacteria however certainly not posture any damage to your parrot. This is actually due to the fact that parrots, like other birds, feel to poisonous fumes. This additionally suggests you must make use of the anti-fungals away from the parrot.

Who Should Buy a Parrot Cage?

You’ll require a parrot crate to house your feathery friend if you possess a parrot or mean to buy or save a parrot quickly. Even though you’re home a whole lot and also your parrot devotes a lot of his break of his cage, it’s still essential he has a crate for sleeping in and also to keep him risk-free from any risks around your home when you can not be there to enjoy him.

Some people who currently own a parrot might be seeking a brand-new crate, either since they intend to improve to a bigger design or considering that their old cage has actually broken.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aviary?

A bird sanctuary is an additional sizable bird crate, which is big enough to allow its own residents to fly. Bird sanctuaries are even more typically located outdoors, you may additionally discover indoor aviaries, which commonly stretch coming from flooring to ceiling.

What measurements crate does a parrot need to have?

Your parrot’s cage is your residence as well as where he’ll invest a number of his hours, thus you should see to it it’s sizable enough to suit his demands.

Really, the much bigger the crate you may supply your parrot, the much better (there is actually no such point as very significant when it concerns bird crates), however the minimum sizes will depend upon the measurements of your parrot.

Your parrot’s cage must deliver parallel room (length and also deepness) at the very least a couple of times his wingspan and upright area (elevation) at the very least one-and-a-half opportunity the duration of your bird from the top of his head to the tip of his rear.

Where should you place a parrot crate?

Put your parrot’s crate in a room where you as well as any other member of the family devote a considerable amount of opportunity, such as your sitting room. Spot a minimum of one edge of your parrot’s crate up against a wall structure, to give her a feeling of security.

While there must be actually lots of all-natural lightweight everywhere you place your parrot’s cage, it should not correct in direct sun light, as it might obtain as well hot for your feathered close friend.

Avoid putting a parrot crate in the cooking area, as some cooking food methods (utilizing typical non-stick pans, as an example) send out fumes that are poisonous to parrots.

How usually should I let my parrot out of his cage?

Parrots are very smart, social climbers, that demand a lot of mental and also physical task, and also individual communication to remain delighted and healthy and balanced.

You have to let your parrot away from his crate for a minimum required of a couple of hours a time, yet if possible longer. Our experts would certainly recommend permitting your parrot out of his crate at any time you’re property and also capable to oversee him.

That’s an explanation of sometimes the best parrot cages, hopefully it can help friends who are still confused in finding parrot cages today.

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